Tumhain Kuch Yaad Hy Jana | Khalil Ur Rehman Shayari

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Tumhain Kuch Yaad Hy Jana | Khalil Ur Rehman Shayari

If you want to watch more poetry WhatsApp status of Khalil Ur Rehman, click the button below to visit the best-ever video poetry collection. This is the best poetry WhatsApp status of Khalil Ur Rehman. The best Urdu poem ” Tumhain Kuch Yaad Hy Jana ” includes sad, loving, and heart-touching Shayari lines in Urdu & Hindi. I hope you will like the best poetry video of Khalil Qamar.

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Tumhain kuch yaad hy jana

Woh pichli barishon main ham,,,Baddy nadan hoty thy

Sabhon ki aankh sy bach kar

Purani kaapion sy ham

Waraq kuch nooch laity thy

Ham ik kashti banaty thy,,,Woh pani par chalaty thy

Hamain lagta tha jesy ham,,,Usi kashti main baithy hain

Woh kashti paar jati thi,,,,To ham bhi paar jaty thy

Woh kashti doob jati thi,,,To ham bhi doob jaty thy

Tumhain kuch yaad hy jana

Dillon ki parsaai par,,,Saheefy jab utarty thy

Sar-e-looh-e-janoo tham kar

Laho ki rooshnai sy

Tumhara naam likhty thy

Zamany bhar sy kehty thy,,,Zamany sy juda tum ho

Khuda soorat main dhal jaye,,,To bas mery khuda tum ho

Poet: Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar


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