Tehzeeb Hafi Poetry Masterpiece

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Tehzeeb Hafi Poetry Masterpiece

Tehzeeb Hafi Poetry Masterpiece

Welcome to AlifAdab, where we present the latest poetry by the talented Tehzeeb Hafi. In this video, we bring you a collection of his new and heartfelt Shayari, accompanied by a visually engaging and emotionally resonant experience. Tehzeeb Hafi Poetry Masterpiece delves into the depths of human emotions, and in this video, we showcase his unique ability to touch hearts with his words. Join us in this emotional journey and let his sad shayari resonate with your soul.

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Hamary aany waly din to khaab main badal gaye

Magar janab ap kiss hisaab main badal gaye

Woh ba haya, haya ky us maqam tak pohanch gia

Keh us ky nain naqsh tak naqab main badal gaye

Woh jang ruk gai to tank rang phainkny lagy

Kaman main jo teer thy ghulab main badal gaye

Woh mery pass sy utha to mera rizq uth gia

Dahan main jo niwaly thy, luaab main badal gaye

Na jany kiss ky hath aagia nizam-e-abr-o-baad

Hamary gaaon ky kouniye sharab main badal gaye

Jo sheer mainy kaat ky rakhy hoye thy ik taraf

Teri nazar pari to intikhaab main badal gaye

Poet: Tehzeeb Hafi


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