Tehzeeb Hafi Ki Shayari: Dil Ko Chu Jane Wali Ghazal

Enter the enchanting world of Tehzeeb Hafi with our latest poetry video featuring a heart-touching ghazal that touches the very soul. “Tehzeeb Hafi Ki Shayari: Dil Ko Chu Jane Wali Ghazal.”

In “Tehzeeb Hafi Ki Shayari: Dil Ko Chu Jane Wali Ghazal,” we present a collection of poetry that goes beyond words, evoking emotions that resonate with every listener. Tehzeeb Hafi, with his mastery of language, weaves a tapestry of love, longing, and profound feelings. Join us in this journey through the beauty of Urdu poetry, where each line is a brushstroke on the canvas of the heart.


Bhula dia tha jisko aik sham yaad aagia

Ghazal daikh kar woh khoosh kharam yaad aagia

Khuda ka shukr hy keh sans tootny sy paishtar

Woh shaqal yaad aagai woh name yaad aagia

Woh jiski zulf aanchalon ki chaaon ko taras gai

Shab-e-Wisaal usko ehtaram yaad aagia

Main pichly 10 baras sy tery dill main ghar na kar sakka

Teri mazahamat sy Vietnam Yaad aagia

Main aj Tapsi ki aik film daikh kar hata

To mujh ko aik purana intiqam yaad aagia

Poet: Tehzeeb Hafi

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