Tehzeeb Hafi Emotional Poetry | Best Shayari in Urdu

Poetry Videos Tehzeeb Hafi

Tehzeeb Hafi Emotional Poetry | Best Shayari in Urdu | Shayari Status

Welcome to AlifAdab, where we bring you the soul-stirring poetry of Tehzeeb Hafi. In this emotional journey of words, experience the best Shayari in Urdu that transcends time and resonates with the deepest corners of the heart. Tehzeeb Hafi Emotional Poetry verses are not just words; they are emotions etched in the fabric of Urdu literature. Join us as we present a collection of Tehzeeb Hafi’s best poetry, each line a testament to the power of expression. This emotional status is a tribute to the profound artistry of Tehzeeb Hafi, capturing the essence of love, longing, and life’s myriad emotions.

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Ashq zaya ho rahy thy daikh kar rota na tha

Jiss jaga banta tha rona main udhar rota na tha

Sirf teri chup ny mery gaal geely kar diey

Main to woh hon jo kisi ki moot par rota na tha

Mujh py kitny sanihy guzry par un aankhon ko kia?

Mera dukh yeh hy keh mera hamsafar rota na tha

Main ny us ky wasal main bhi hijr kata hy kahi

Woh mery kandhy par rakh leta tha sar rota na tha

Piyaar to pehly bhi uss sy tha magar itna nahi

Tab main usko choo to laita tha magar rota na tha

Girya-o-Zaari ko bhi ik mosam chahiye

Meri aankhain daikh lo main waqt par rota na tha

Poet: Tehzeeb Hafi


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