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Tehzeeb Hafi Best Urdu Poetry | Shayari Collection | Poetry for Love | 2 lines Poetry Video

Welcome to AlifAdab, where poetry comes to life. Immerse yourself in the profound world of Tehzeeb Hafi with our latest video, featuring his best Urdu poetry and heart-touching Shayari Collection. AlifAdab is your destination for the finest Urdu poetry. Subscribe for more curated collections and literary richness. Tehzeeb Hafi’s Poetry echoes the depths of emotions, and in this collection, we curate his most poignant works for your soulful experience.

About Tehzeeb Hafi:

Explore the artistry of Tehzeeb Hafi, a poet who weaves emotions into words like no other. In this video, we present a compilation of his best Urdu poetry, a testament to the beauty of his Shayari and its impact on the heart.

Key Highlights:

1. Best of Tehzeeb Hafi
2. Soulful Urdu Poetry
3. Emotional Shayari Collection
4. AlifAdab Exclusive
5. Sad Poetry Status

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Mosamo ky taghayour ko bhampa nahi chatriya’n khool dien

Zakham bharny sy pehly kisi ny meri pattia’n khool dien

Ham machairon sy pocho samandar nahi hy yeh ifrit hy

Tum ny kia soch kar sahilon sy bandhi kashtian khool dien

Us ny wadon ky parbat sy larky ho’on ko sahara dia

Us ki awaz par koh paimaa’on ny rassiya’n khool dien

Dasht-e-Ghurbat main main aor mera yaar-e-shab zaad baham milly

Yaar ky pass jo kuch bhi tha yaar ny gathrian khool dien

kuch baras to teri yaad ki rail dill sy guzarti rahi

Aor phir mainy thak haar kar aik din patrian khool dien

Us ny sehraa’on ki sair karty hoye ik shajar ky tally

Apni ankhon sy ainak utaari keh do hirnia’n khool dien

Aj ham kar chuky hain ehd-e-tark-e-sukhan par raqam dastakhat

Aj ham ny naye shayaron ky lie bhartian khool dien

Poet: Tehzeeb Hafi

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