Oyster and the Pearl – Animation Story

Oyster and the Pearl - Animation Story


Journey of a Raindrop – Oyster and the Pearl

The story of the Pearl begins high atop the Himalayan Mountains in India. There, every morning as the sun rises, its rays shine on the tallest mountain and illuminate the snow-covered peak. One morning, the silver-shiny snowcap on the highest peak blew into the sky and became a cloud. The young cloud started moving westward in the sky right behind other new clouds. That afternoon, the cloud passed over beautiful foothills, where sheep moved slowly across a grassy plain. In the early evening, the cloud passed over a still clear lake in the woods, where it saw the moon’s reflection in the water. Later that night, the cloud passed over a tropical island. The palm trees on the beach were whispering to the stars in the night sky. On the other side of the island, waves chatted and laughed. Their laughter created a gentle breeze across the island.

The very next day, however, the weather grew cold. The cloud began to shiver, and as it did, thousands of raindrops formed. Immediately they began falling towards the ocean below. Upon seeing the vast ocean, a tiny raindrop cried out, “Oh how great the ocean is and how small am I! I am but nothing compared to this ocean!” Only, the tiny raindrop could not hold on to the disappearing cloud and fell out of the sky. At the very bottom of the ocean lived an oyster. The oyster overheard the tiny raindrop and thought, “How very humble it is, that raindrop in the sky.” When the tiny raindrop finally touched the ocean floor, the oyster opened its shell and embraced it. Thereafter, the shell was home for the tiny raindrop. The oyster protected and nurtured its young visitor. Many years passed, and the tiny raindrop became a brilliant pearl.

Embrace humility, for greatness, can emerge from the most humble beginnings. Even the smallest contributions can lead to something valuable and significant.



This stunning animated short story by WISEYE Animation Stories tells the heartwarming tale of a raindrop’s unexpected journey. Dive into the enchanting world of “OYSTER AND THE PEARL,” a captivating short story brought to life by WISEYE Animation Stories. Join us on a mesmerizing journey filled with wonder and imagination!


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