Light and Sound | An Article on Science and Religion

I have assigned a statement

               “Everything lies in the visible spectrum of light is in the form of matter.”

                                      We know that there are at least seven such spectrums that are observed yet. But we cannot say that these sevens are finite. Many other spectrums may exist that we cannot observe. Perhaps, we may become able to discover them in the future. Out of these spectrums such as ultraviolet, Infrared, or gamma rays spectrums, etc. Only there is one spectrum    _ the Visible spectrum _ which we can observe with our blessed eyes. It lies in the wavelength range of approximately 400nm-700nm. It is the only, which we can observe.  But other spectrums are not visible. These spectrums are observed due to the invention of the most advanced instruments and equipment that act as witnesses that such spectrums can exist.


                Many  Scientists worked for it and presented their ideas. This study has many useful aspects. It serves in many fields of life such as diagnosing and treating diseases, telecommunication,  and many practical applications.

                As concerned with the visible spectrum of light, comprises seven distinct wavelengths. These wavelengths or I should say colors are emitted when white light or sunlight is diffracted through some hard medium.



                        It would be right to say that in our point of view, the whole universe is beautified and flourished by these seven distinct wavelengths. This is the ability of our eyes that we can distinguish these wavelengths and can enjoy the beauty of nature. The beauty of nature is just for us. We should enjoy it with our well-blessed eyes.

                 Do you know? Why we can observe only this spectrum? Why we are not blessed to observe other ones? Because you know it is better for us. Is it the wiseness of God? Yes, it is.  We are just to enjoy the beauty of the universe not the harm of it. But a question arises about what harm lies in it. A lot of, the answer is. It will not be considered a blessing. It will be alarming, it will be threatening, it will be feared, and it will be disturbing and harming which nobody will expect.

                 Ok, for a moment just consider our eyes and become able to observe only the X-ray spectrum can you imagine? We cannot find any living. Only dead skeletons are walking, horrible dead skeletons are flying. We can just see bones. How terrible it is! Ok, at least I will not bear that my loved ones are like ghosts. Now tell me is not it the blessing of the God that he has blessed us with his unremarkable blessings?

                We always want and wish to enjoy God’s Blessings like the sky. It looks like a dome when it is clear and it enlightens our eyes when the sun shines on it. How it looks when it is covered with clouds! And how it seems in the twinkling night! A nature lover cannot bear any disturbance in its beauty. You can ask me how I feel disappointed when I wish to look toward the clear sky while standing in my home and a cluster of black electric wires catch in my sight. If you are not sure then consider our eyes become able to observe the Radio wave spectrum. Do you know a network of irregular electromagnetic rays is covering the whole sky? Even I can see a strange ray coming toward my cell phone and leaving it. Now I’m not able to enjoy the blueness of the sky. How awkward it looks! I cannot bear it anyway. Is not it the blessing of God?  

                     Not only that, let us consider our eyes become able to see other spectrums like ultraviolet and gamma rays. Can you imagine we will see strange horrible sights? Strange types of radiation will be observed coming toward us from the sun. The sun will look like a firing ball that bombards harmful radiation. Even we will see strange radiations emitting from our bodies. Then no one will come closer to each other. Everyone will show ignorance and hate others due to their strange appearance. Now tell me Is not it the blessing of God That we can enjoy only beautiful factors in this universe?

                  Certainly, you will be sure, if not then consider this situation collectively, Then what this Universe looks like. I will tell you, The living are like ghosts and demons,  The beauty of the sky will be eradicated by the odd network of lines, and The sun will look dim due to the effect of radiating harmful radiation. Everything seems to be radiating. The earth will not remain the place to live. That life will be embarrassing. And surely it will not exist.

                  Is not it the blessing of God that we can see an only visible spectrum that consists only of beauty, not any harm? These things are the witness that God loves his creations. He cannot even think to harm them. Is not it a blessing? We can feel the smoothness of the cool blowing wind. We can touch the soft petals of the colorful flowers, We can feel the cold, fresh water falling from the cascade. Even we can taste it which frequently finishes our thirst. We can enjoy tasty fruites filled with sweet pulp. We can wander everywhere we want about meadows, mountain hills, or far-off beautiful places. Even we can create our own emotions and aspirations. Is not it the blessing of God? Yes, it is. No one can deny this reality.

                       Yes, we should remain within limits also we cannot get the ability to exceed these limits, Perhaps! It is a miraculous thing you know which I’m gonna say. Not just what we see in the universe exists. But many strange and other miraculous factors exist in nature. which we cannot see and cannot observe at all. I have mentioned above that some other spectrums can exist which are not been discovered yet. Perhaps these miraculous and strange secrets may exist in these spectrums. It seems that one day they will be discovered as a result of which a life will be impossible or it will become hard to exist. But a question comes to my mind if they exist then why they are hidden by the divine? Why these miraculous things are not visible? Why cannot see them? Yes, there is also the wiseness and the almightiness of God. That he has hidden these strange livings to beautify the whole universe, especially the earth, to make it a better living place.
It is a common example in our usual life that when we press any button on the remote control of any electronic appliance, looking at the emitter of the signal no light emission can be observed. In some cases, a little red spot can be observed. But when we take a camera in front of the signal emitter then by pressing the button a white light is emitted which can be clearly shown. Why does it happen? This is the difference in the wavelengths that our eye is not capable of observing but a man-made camera can observe that light easily.

                      Science tells us that there is some reason behind everything happening. So a question comes has there been any reason for what the whole universe was created? Why it was created? Who created it? How it was created?  The fourth question is already answered by science itself. Many theories are postulated by science. The pieces of evidence of these theories also exist in many old books including the Holy Quran. The seeker can seek it.  The world and its inhabitants have their Ideas about the creators of the Universe. But the same Creator lives in the veins of all his creatures. And he is the truth. It is the reality and it is the faith.

               It is concerned with the question of why the whole universe was created. Why were we created? OK, I think I’m not able to tell the solid reason for it but I can describe it very well. OK from the beginning we know very well there are two Ideologies. The well-known to all world is the Evolution. And the other is religious Ideas. I appreciate both Ideas and I cannot oppose any Idea. Because I trust in both ones. I believe that God has created humans from the beginning as It is described in Holy Quran. Many pieces of evidence are described in old books. Similarly, I believe in evolution. But you know the total period from the beginning to that time is not enough to convert a tiny microscopic protozoan into a well-developed human being. Isn’t it? It is not true at all. Yes, evolution exists but evolution is not a perfect term. Evolution occurred but in some extinct. With the change in the duration of time, the environmental factors also changed These changes influence the creations to maintain and stabilize themselves for their existence. But these changes were not enough to change a microscopic creation into a human body Not possible at all.

                     It is the crude reality that every creation has to die one day no one can deny it. Ok, we were created, We are living, We died and decayed as decaying is the natural process for the recycling of nutrients and the maintenance of the life cycle. If we have to decay then What are we? What is the purpose of our creation? We were created just for decaying? When we know our end then why were we created? If it is then it is not right. We have some emotions, aspirations, thoughts imaginations. If we have to die and decay then what about our emotions? what about our aspirations? and what about ourselves? Heaven created us for some purpose, the reality is it. OK, think there exist two kinds of humans in the world one is those who are soft, kind gentle behave well and avoid sins leading their life in poverty. On the other hand, their lives are crude cruel selfish, and rich. Both have to die and decay one day. Then what is the difference between them? The poor category should become thieves, they should steal all the wealth from the rich so that they would live the remaining life with full joy and worth. But they don’t. This is not justice. The poor should seek justice. But from where? Yes, From the day of judgment. And IT will happen one day when the time will stop and All creations will be reborn and everything will travel with a speed equal to the speed of light. And that will be the day of judgment whose judge will be the creator of the universe.

                  Due to the advancement of early science, we know well about all the features of the human body with full disruption. But If we think deeply then many questions come to my mind. Let us take the case of heart. We know its muscles are made of cardiac muscles. We also know very well that nothing in the whole universe can work with itself without any initial push or some kind of fuel. For example, a candle when burned lights until its wax vanishes. Here wax is its fuel and the initial push is the first burning of the candle with a match. Similarly, the Earth revolves around the sun here the initial push is the source through which the universe was created. It was the Big Bang that compelled all the stars and planets to revolve around the sun. and gravity is the source of maintenance of the revolution of the earth. Now think about what is the fuel of the human body and what is its initial push. Yes, we all know very well that what we eat is the fuel of the human body which nourishes all the organs of our body for their maintenance so they function well but still a question remains what is the initial push of the human body? The heart is made of only cardiac muscles these muscles are nourished by fuel that we eat every day. But how simply does a muscle start its work without any initial push? It is impossible actually. Any electric shock can start the contraction and relaxation of muscles. At least this electric shock is not available in the uterus of the mother. However, some harmonies can initiate the process but when the fetus fully develops then this complicated system cannot work best with only hormones any external initial push is required to set this system to work. I think this initial push resembles electric shock having a rest mass not equal to zero and traveling with the speed of light. And it is the soul. It is the soul of the human body which acts as the initial push and is the main factor for the maintenance and coordination of all the systems in the human body. OK If you are not sure then think about How simply a heart or a brain can produce emotions aspirations thoughts expressions desires imaginations. Knowing well that the heart is made of simple muscles and mainly the brain consists of water. How? The interaction between the heart and the brain is maintained by the soul. It creates our emotions. It is reality. When a person dies his soul leaves his body then its mass becomes zero because it travels with the speed of light. It leaves the body behind for decay. Thus this idea shows that Heaven has created us not just for decaying but there is some miraculous purpose behind this creation that a human mind cannot be able to comprehend. A day will come when the whole universe will be destroyed and ruined The time will stop. And that day all the souls will be collected in front of the creator of the universe for judgment. That day nothing will be found as physical. Every matter will be converted into energy And that will be spiritual.

                 Our mind cannot even think about it but Knowing the truth is that If the creator of the universe can create us with just clotted blood And in the end, we die Then Why cannot He recreate us? Yes, Heaven can do everything by only order of notion. And a man cannot expect any decisions from heaven. If God can make us with just a clot of blood then he can recreate us from spoiled bones. And It is not a reality at all.

                 The above discussion was mainly based on the spectrums and the light behaviors but I will now describe this situation in the case of sound. We all know very well that the audible frequency range of humans is 20 Hz to 20 kHz            (20-20000 Hz). Different animals have a different range of audible frequencies. These ranges vary widely. Any animal cannot hear the sound above or below its audible range. This is the specific property. Thus we can hear the sound has a frequency in between this limit. But Why? Why are we just able to hear the sound under this limit?  Here is also the wiseness of Allah Almighty. Do you know if the lower range of our frequency limit is extended to a certain limit then we will be able to hear the strange sounds even of little ants, insects, etc? These will be disturbing for us. But Think If we increase the upper limit of frequency range then perhaps we will become deaf because these sounds emitting from every creation can harm us. If you are not assured then think about this case collectively. If we will become able to hair all the frequency ranges found in all the universe by heaven then can you consider what will happen? I think we will not be able to bear these sounds. I will tell you what will happen. Some shrill sounds will seem to emit from a part of the universe that acts like a sharp sword that can take all things even cause the bursting of our minds. And ultimately we will never exist. And some other grave sounds will be produced Their burden on our brain will be similar to the situation when we will be under the burden of a mount Everest. I’m assured this burden of Mount Everest is less than that sounds. Now tell me how are we blessed? Yes, we are blessed by Nature. We are blessed by Heaven, blessed by God. We are blessed by Allah Almighty. We are only able to feel the sweet sounds that soften our minds like the sound produced by the flowing of water sound produced by the falling cascade Sound produced by the chirping of birds. The sound is produced when the drop of rain touches the soil. The sweet sound is produced when we walk on the yellow leaves. The sweet sound is produced by the falling of leaves during autumn. The sound of horse riding along the hard path. Heaven has beautified the whole universe with all its features but it is man’s activity that is the main source of disturbance in the beauty of nature.

                  I do not know about it well. And I have not even observed it. It is just my mind thought. Science tells us that space is not a matter. It is just like space no particle-like atom exists in space. I thought no actual space should not be empty I think it is a viscous and denser medium so every particle and heavy object is suspended in it. It contains small particles like atoms which may or may not be charged. while thinking about this a question came to my mind if it is true then why sound energy cannot travel through space? We know well that sound can travel very fast through a denser medium then why it does not travel through space it shows that space is a medium less we also know very well that sound in the form of energy as well as light energy the speed of sound depends upon its frequency and wavelength as well as in the case of light energy then the question came that if the speed of sound is made equal to that of light then it would travel through space or not? I think not. But why not? Because sound energy requires any medium and light energy does not. But why does sound require medium and light energy? even if both types of energy possess frequencies, speed as well and wavelengths then why?


           We have studied an experiment in earlier classes where a glass dome is connected to a vacuum pump and a ringing bell is placed inside it if the air is drawn then the vacuum is created inside and the sound of the bell stops. This experiment shows that sound requires any medium. But there is another question if the speed of sound is made equal to that of light then will it travel through space? According to the concept of medium, certainly not. OK thinking about another feature Let’s observe light, It has dual nature It acts as an energy as well as matter. It contains packets of energy called photons. These photons possess both energy and momentum. So light can travel through any medium even through space as we know heavy objects like planets travel in space because they possess momentum as well as energy which comes from the gravitational force of the star around which it is surrounded. But sound…., Sound does not contain such packets of photons sound waves are just electromagnetic waves sound contains energy but it does not matter This energy is created by the vibration and any disturbance in a certain medium so due to this disturbance the waves are produced in the medium these waves carry this energy so it is proved that the sound itself does not possess materialistic properties. As we know there is no medium in space so how this disturbance will be produced and how sound can be produced? It is a clear fact. So from this observation, a statement comes that

Energy itself is impecunious of the materialistic world.
                      It means that energy itself cannot travel through space it depends on the medium for its propagation. It would require momentum if it has to travel through medium-less region-like space. Now the main answer to my question is that if the photons of light would matter less then the light would not be able to pass through space like sound. Because energy requires a medium for its propagation if there exists no medium then the propagation of energy-momentum is required……
             And perhaps it is the right answer to all the above questions………   
To Be Continued……..!
Writer: Zaib Hassan
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