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Welcome to AlifAdab, where emotions find expression through the profound poetry of Khalil Ur Rehman. In this emotional shayari video, immerse yourself in the soul-stirring Shayari that reflects the boundaries of language, touching the core of human emotions. Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar’s poetry lines unfold a narrative of love, heartbreak, and the complexities of relationships. The title for the video is,”Khalil Ur Rehman Shayari 🍂 | Uss Sy Keh Do Woh Mera Qarz Churany Aye 💔 | Emotional Shayari Status 😢”

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“Uss Sy Keh Do Woh Mera Qarz Churany Aye 💔”

Let Khalil Ur Rehman’s words resonate with your emotions as you embark on a poetic journey through Urdu and Hindi verses, seamlessly blending tradition and modernity.

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1. Discover the poetic genius of Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar.
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3. Experience the power of emotional poetry that transcends linguistic barriers.


Khuaab palkoon ki hatheeli py chunny rehty hain

Kon jany woh kabhi neend churany aye

Mujh py utry mery ilham ki barish ban kar

Mujh ko ik boond samandar main chupany aye

Jab main sanwaron to woh gulnar kary mera tabassum

Jabb main hans don to woh ghuncha sa chatakhna chahy

Jab main tanha hon mera hath pakar ly aa kar

Jab main chup hon to woh badal sa barasna chahy

Meri barsoon ki udaasi ka silla kuch to milly

Uss sy keh do woh mera qarz chukaany aye

Woh mery kanpty honton ki sadain sun ly

Ya mery zabt ko izhaar ka lehja dy dy

Yaa mujhy toor dy ik gehri nazar sy choo kar

Ya mujhy choom ky takhleeq ko sancha dy dy

Meri tarteeb utha laye Khuda ki manind

Aor mitt jaon to phir mujh ko banany aye

Poet: Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar

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