How Much More is Enough – A Moral Story


Once upon a time, in a small town in Japan, lived a very poor young man. One day he decided to go to the Shinto shrine in the town and pray to the Shinto god for help. “Almighty god, you are never too busy to pay attention to the town’s people. As you know, I am an honest and hardworking man but also one who has had no luck. Please take pity on me, and make me a rich man.”

Upon hearing the young man’s wish, a Shinto god emerged from the shrine. “Young man, collect a stone of any size you wish.” The man quickly picked up a stone the size of a peach and held it before the god. “Fine,” the god said, touching his index finger to the stone. In the instant the god touched the stone, it turned into a shiny gold nugget. The young man was very happy. He thanked the god and went straight to the center of town. Day in and day out, he spent his money on amusements in the town center.

In a few months, all the money he had was gone, so the man returned to the shrine. He prayed to the Shinto god using the exact same words as before and also asked for the god’s mercy. The god again emerged from the shrine. “All right, young man, collect a stone of any size you wish.” The young man searched the grounds around the shrine and returned with a stone the size of a small melon. The very moment the god touched the stone, it turned into a huge nugget of gold.

The young man was extremely happy and went straightaway to the town’s center. There he lived such an extravagant and luxurious lifestyle that in just a few years, all his money was gone. He returned to the shrine in his old clothes. Once again the man prayed, and once again the god emerged with the same instructions as twice before. This time though, instead of collecting a stone, the young man matter-of-factly stated, “I thank you, but it is not just a nugget of gold I want this time.” “Oh, indeed,” interjected the god. “What more do you want?” To this question, the young man eagerly replied, “What I also want is . . . your index finger.”

What we have learned from the story is that Asking for more than one truly needs can lead to losing even what was initially granted. Greed knows no bounds, and wealth without restraint leads to ruin.



Welcome to WISEYE Animation Stories! In this captivating animated tale titled “How Much More is Enough,” we delve into a thought-provoking moral story that explores the timeless question of contentment and the pursuit of fulfillment. Join us on this animated journey as we unravel meaningful lessons through vibrant characters and engaging storytelling.

Ever feel like you’re chasing something just out of reach? In this poignant animated story, we explore the age-old question: How much is truly enough?
This thought-provoking short will make you chuckle, and ponder, and leave you with a warm feeling inside. It’s the perfect reminder that happiness and fulfillment aren’t measured in material things but in the richness of life’s simple joys.


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