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Hi there! In this page you will get the best ever collection of books. This is a digital Books Library where different types of books are provided by AlifAdab Community. These include poetry, novels, religious, and historical books. All the books provided in this page are reviewed and selected by our community to create a best ever collection. You can easily read the books with full of your interest because we have provided the best ever eBook reader whose interface make you realize the real time feelings of reading books. Furthermore you can easily download the selected book in PDF by following the instructions provided with each post. It’s totally free to download the PDF. Please Share to support our good work, We just need your appreciation.

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  • You will need to provide us the PDF or Word (docx) file of your book.
  • Please provide us with your complete biodata. For example: your full name, cast, reference, city, etc.
  • There should no any watermark or promotional link showed in the PDF. Otherwise we will reject it.
  • Please try to provide us the cover photo of your book in jpg or PNG format.

After reviewing, we will approve and publish your Book, if it follows our policies and terms. Your posts will be published within 24 hours after submission.

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