Best two lines sad Urdu poetry about old house

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 In English:

So what he is saying seems old to me
It took me a while to buy this house!


In Urdu:

 تو جس کو کہہ رہا  ہے پرانا لگا مجھے

یہ گھر  خریدنے میں  زمانہ لگا مجھے!

In Hindi:

तो वह जो कह रहा है वह मुझे पुराना लगता है

मुझे इस घर को खरीदने में थोड़ा समय लगा!

to vah jo kah raha hai vah mujhe puraana lagata hai

mujhe is ghar ko khareedane mein thoda samay laga!

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