AlifAdab Presents Tehzeeb Hafi’s Masterpieces of Love – A Shayari Collection that Will Touch Your Soul, “BEST OF TEHZEEB HAFI | SHAYARI FOR LOVE | HINDI POETRY STATUS” Prepare to be swept away by the poignant verses of Tehzeeb Hafi, a maestro of Urdu poetry who captures the essence of love in all its forms.

This AlifAdab compilation brings you the very best of Tehzeeb Hafi’s Shayari, guaranteed to stir your emotions and leave you yearning for more.

Indulge in:

1. Heart-touching lines that paint vivid pictures of longing, desire, and the complexities of love.
2. Tehzeeb Hafi’s signature style, blending depth with simplicity, making his poetry accessible to both Urdu enthusiasts and newcomers alike.
3. A soulful performance that brings Tehzeeb Hafi’s words to life, capturing the essence of Urdu poetry.
4. A collection that will stay with you long after the last verse has been spoken, leaving a lasting impression on your heart.


Teri aankhon py rakh sakta nahi tha

Tery mathy main kia sandoor bharty

Badan main khoon ka qatra nahi tha

Chalo naam aor shaklain to alag thien

Muqaddar bhi tery jesa nahi tha

Wo dushman ghar bhi aa jata tha mery

Ussy mujh sy koi khatra nahi tha

Mery peesh-e-nazar kuch bastian thien

Main darya tha magar behta nahi tha

Hamary ghar main thi bailon ki joori

Hamari pusht par basta nahi tha

Zara si aanch ki shayad kami thi

Wo mera tha mera apna nahi tha

Poet: Tehzeeb Hafi

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