Best of Ali Zaryoun Poetry | Shayari Collection | Poetry Compilation

Welcome to AlifAdab! In this mesmerizing poetry video, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of poetry as we present the “Best of Ali Zaryoun Poetry.” Indulge in a poetic journey that transcends emotions and resonates with the soul. Ali Zaryoun’s eloquent words weave a tapestry of emotions, from love to introspection. The video’s title is, “Best of Ali Zaryoun Poetry | Shayari Collection | Poetry Compilation | Alif Adab.”

Poetry Compilation

This video is a treasure trove of poetic brilliance, showcasing the diverse range of Ali Zaryoun’s creations. Each verse is a symphony of emotions, beautifully expressed through words. Explore a curated compilation of Ali Zaryoun’s most profound Shayari, touching the hearts of poetry enthusiasts.

About Video

🌟 Featured Poet: Ali Zaryoun
📚 Genre: Urdu Poetry
🎙️ Presented by: Alif Adab


Pathar ko dill banaye ga aor toor jaye ga

Apna nasha laga ky tumhain choor jaye ga


Yeh baat sach hy keh aisa zaroor lagta hy

Ussy qareeb sy daikho to door lagta hy


Mujhy pata hy yeh sazish ussi ki hy lekin

Main kia karon woh mujhy be qasoor lagta hy


Kissi ki yaad main sab kuch bhulana parta hy

Yeh ehd-e-ishq hy piyaary nibhana parta hy


Shikam ki aag Mohabbat sy to nahi bharti

Main kia karon mujhy paisa kamana parta hy


Yahi to dukh hy keh uss shaqs ky lie mujh ko

Munafiqon sy bhi milna milana parta hy


Main paaon dhoo ky pion yaar ban ky jo aye

Munafiqon ko to main mun lagany wala nahi


Tujhy kisi ny ghalat keh dia mery baary

Nahi mian main dillon ko dukhany wala nahi


Sun aye qabeela-e-koofi dillan muqarrar sun

Ali kabhi bhi hazeemat uthany wala nahi

Poet: Ali Zaryoun

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