Afkar Alvi New Shayari: Afkar Maan Ja Keh Tery Din Nahi Rahy

Afkar Alvi Poetry Videos

Afkar Alvi New Shayari: Afkar Maan Ja Keh Tery Din Nahi Rahy

Welcome to “AlifAdab,” where we present the best-ever Afkar Alvi new shayari in this mesmerizing piece titled ‘Afkar Maan Ja Keh Tery Din Nahi Rahy.’ Prepare to be moved by the profound emotions and lyrical mastery of Murshid Afkar Alvi’s poetry as he takes you on a poetic journey like no other.

In this video, we showcase the Shayari of Afkar Alvi, a maestro of words whose poetry transcends time and touches the heart and soul of poetry lovers. Join us in celebrating his latest masterpiece, a poetic gem that will resonate with your deepest emotions.

Key Highlights:

  1. Afkar Alvi’s powerful poetry performance.
  2. Heartfelt verses that evoke strong emotions.
  3. A tribute to the timeless beauty of Urdu poetry.


Yeh jis hisab sy apni zameen kampti hy

Yaqeen kar lain keh ab aasmaan khatry main hy

Anaai’n choor ky ab masly ka hal dhondo

Mery bazurgo tumhara jawan khatry main hy


Apny bhi tujh ko apno main ab gin nahi rahy

Afkar maan ja keh tery din nahi rahy

Logon ky aitbar sy main badnaseeb hon

Kuch mill nahi rahy hain to much chin nahi rahy

Poet: Murshid Afkar Alvi

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