A Little Sparrow

A Little Sparrow (The Tale of Kindness)

A Little Sparrow (The Tale of Kindness)

Once upon a time, in a peaceful garden, there lived a little Sparrow named Samy. Samy was kind and had a helpful nature. He would always go out of his way to assist his friends in need. One sunny morning, as Samy was happily chirping on a tree branch, he noticed a family of ants struggling to carry their food home. Samy flew down and offered his assistance. He carried each tiny crumb, one by one, to the ant’s nest.

The next day, a gentle rain shower dredged the garden. Samy saw a snail slowly making its way across the path. He was worried that the snake might get hurt. He used his beak to give it a gentle lift and placed it safely on a leaf. The snail was grateful for Samy’s act of kindness.

Soon news of Samy’s helpfulness spread throughout the garden, and animals from all around sought his aid. He saved a trapped butterfly, guided a lost baby bunny back to its mother, and even helped a spider fix its torn web. Samy’s selfless acts brought joy and harmony to the garden. Animals realized the power of kindness and began helping one another, too. They formed a strong bond, creating a beautiful and caring community.

The moral of the story is, that “small acts of kindness can have a big impact.”


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